Monday, 28 January 2013


Got the paperwork back from our LTB hearing which took place on the 22nd.

We won - and the adjudicator STILL  managed to make sure it was us that lost.

Not only did he make a statement in the order that John - her partner who has lived there full time since May 2012 and who had a SIGNED LETTER OF INTENT TO RENT even - was not a tenant and therefore not liable and removed his name from the order (which means we will never see a fucking CENT), he also GAVE HER EXTRA TIME.

FFS!!!!  He was satisfied that she gave notice that she would be out by the end of November but he STILL thinks that due to her situation we should have to lose yet another month's rent which we will NEVER EVER SEE?

Must be nice to be so fucking charitable - with other people's money.

Anyone want to buy a house? Or two?

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