Friday, 9 August 2013

So... here we go again

As a result of all the nonsense involved in getting things sorted with the Dirt Squirrel here in Victoria Harbour, we knew that our other house was a ticking time bomb...

same sort of situation there... single mom on OW ... now that we are no longer so naïve as to think that the LTB, Ontario government, and/or Sheriff's Office have any interest at all in ensuring that landlords don't get ripped off - but instead, are all about helping deadbeats and squatters to do exactly that ... I've been dealing with constant anxiety knowing that it could all go to shit in Peterborough too.

And sure enough:

Here... see for yourself.
Holes punched in ceiling of attic apartment
(which is NOT part of their rental and was left LOCKED.
Window is broken, and the fridge we bought specifically for our use up there is gone.)
There are no undamaged doors remaining in the house.
View from the other side of the door.
Demolished wall.
Shower stall is bent/broken, bathroom is filthy.
Don't you love the sink? Wanna move in?
But at least there IS still a sink upstairs - in the downstairs bathroom, the entire vanity is gone. Just gone.
The entire basement is buried in a mountain of disgusting mouldy clothing.
While I was there, the tenant's bf emptied the dehumidifier tray - into the pile of clothes, NOT the sink -
too drunk to make it to the sink.
Suppose I should be happy there is even a working sink.
Seems to me it rather defeats the purpose of a dehumidifier though.
They demolished the walls - but hey, look - they started to paint the stairs...doesn't that look wunnerful?

The tenant has made a whole lot of excuses to keep me from driving the 2.5 hours (one way) to check things out (gee, I can't imagine WHY?) ... and when I did force the issue, have my daughter bus to Peterborough from Oshawa and back to put a notice on her door, since the tenant is ignoring my Facebook messages, and then make the drive, she was "too embarrassed" to be there (according to the drunk who was there with her son to show me around and assure me that he could fix it all for me. Honest. For cheap! Oh, and she didn't mean for any of this to happen ... oh, alright... as long as she didn't MEAN to destroy my property, it's all good now, I guess.)

So... since I am not able to talk to her, still have no idea when she intends to get the **** out of my property, or if it is going to be another fight. *sigh* On the plus side, she did actually pay August's rent. Of course, to fix everything they've demolished will likely cost every cent of every month's rent they have paid to date and then some.

Do have one tool now that I didn't have with the other house though - as much as the thought of it disgusts me - and the hassle & expense of having to drive 2.5 hours each way every time I need to work or go to the doctor or whatever.... the attic apartment IS mine and I do have the right to move into it. Since she won't talk to me via facebook or the phone, and since I clearly can't allow them to continue to live in such filth and to do any more damage, I've given her notice that I'll be moving in on Monday. Hubby's decided to join me, at least for this week ... wants to fix the attic window for me, replace the locks and the door, etc, so that I'll be safe up there. It's going to be SUCH a ~fun~ week!

And - by the way - as flip /uncaring/coping as this post probably sounds, you can rest assured - especially you, tenant who promised not to let me down, not to prove me wrong and hubby right, etc etc - I am trying my damnedest to stay mad ...and bitchy .... in reality I am absolutely and completely devastated by what you have done to my beautiful old house. The only house that I ever bought...painted... owned.... MY house.

just. devastated.

So ...Tamara... you came up with Dirt Squirrel a name for this one yet?


  1. wow, I would want to burn the house down

  2. Send your story to the local newspaper. Send it to the opposition government rep. Your situation is sad. People like your tenant aught to be in jail for property damage. They would not be able to get away with this in any other living situation. Oh, and call the local children's aid. A child should not be exposed to this. That will affect her OW cheque.

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  4. Oh my... We had something similar happen with our very first tenants. It took me months to remediate the house myself, because all the quotes we had from professionals were above $20,000.

    Wish we were closer to help out with repairs... Hang in there.

  5. Hahaha there doing a good job Lol

  6. So it looks like u guys r doing good for ur slef Lol just wanted to see what shit u put on ur blgo to day man a lot of bull shit well any ways I think u for got to say the u and ur goof husband likes to put holes in car tires and smash windows out of ur tentens car or van and ur husband likes to look at lil sick pis come on u shount rent to kids ur old man like lil ones well hope ur wrighting gose good for u. Have a good night o ps I live I. a sweet house now thanx to u guys ty


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